Types of Suit Lapel by Khula Gavito

Khula Gavito’s Fashion / Style Tips.

Know your different types of suit lapels, Khula Gavito shares with you the different types of suit lapel………. a suit lapel defines the class and occasion that you are attending.

Suits can make men look from rags to riches as they serve as a personality enhancement tool. Why should men wear suits? Well for starters they look great and dashing in them and they build a man’s overall confidence also.
A man looks ravishing in a suit; something about a suit just spells “look at me.” Here is an infographic to show the tips to look good in a suit. I hope you find the pleasing and informative as I have…..

Type of Suit Lapel by Khula Gavito

Peak Lapel

Peak Lapels, are summarised by their edges pointing upwards and towards the shoulders are traditionally the most formal lapels. originally common in tailcoats and morning coats

Occasion: Weddings, formal dinners, black tie events or whenever you want to dress up a bit.

Body Type: For those looking to add some height, the point of a peak lapel can create an elongating effect by moving the eyes upwards.

Notch Lapel

Also known as a ‘stepped lapel’ the notch lapel is defined by a notch where the bottom of the collar meets the top of the lapel, generally at 75-90 degree angle.

Occasion: Everyday work or business suit, great for interviews as well as socialising.

Body type: Suitable for all body types, but slim notch lapel generally help to flatter and maintain the proportions of a slimmer frame.

Shawl Lapel

Characterised by single rounded edge, the shawl lapel is most commonly found on dinner jackets and tuxedos, however, some argue they can also be worn for more informal occasions.

Occasion: Weddings, dinners, black tie events and red carpet galas.

Body Type: Perhaps not recommended if you have a round face or body as this will accentuate those features.


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    You are the best amongst the best, here is another south african black child on the block who doesn’t take NO for an answer when it comes to success. Big ups to Gavito. Kurt Geiger, whatch out!!

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