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2017 Mercedes Benz Fashion Week @Mall Of Africa #ootd

SA Fashion Week is the optimal platform for designer’s to start, develop and grow their businesses. It is the key voice of fashion in South Africa recognizing the power the diversity holds in this sector, which is one of the most socially inclusive SA industries. Over the past 19 years we SA Fashion brought the creative […]

All White Lifestyle Party..2017 Durban #ootd

and then…. who is this Guy? .. that was everyone’s question at the Durban July  2017 All White Life Style Party.. A Pretoria fashion stylist, image consultant making his mark… i have to say Pretoria must be proud. The outfit was encouraged  by God and his angles upon my Brand of tailored suit.. “you will […]

Durban July 2017 #OTTD

Kg tailored suit (Magic Colours) Theme 2017

Know your Suit Cuts by Khula Gavito


Types of Suit Lapel by Khula Gavito

Take Notes

Men’s Guide to wearing a tailored suits

Know How.

Tailored Suits vs. Normal Suits

Suit is a noun, which is a set of clothing that cover most of your body and is usually intended to wear together. More or less an armor presentable attire, consisting of trousers, a jacket and sometimes a vest included, two sets of clothing with the same material/ fabric and colour. Tailored Suit, it is […]


•Brooch •Pocket Square #suit #linens #fabric Khula Gavito tailored Suits. Photography by Basetsana Vale Maluleka

The Love of Suits

The Love of Suits Khula Gavito’s tailored Suits #suit #blacksuit

Shake it abit.

Social Media has been very quiet let me shake it abit. #shoot for the moon even if you miss. You’ll land among the stars ” Khula Gavito ” 👑 #chimpasfriday let’s go support our Fashion Mates 😉. Photography by @basetsana

Tailored suit… wedding Pictures

Khula Gavito tailored suit… wedding Pictures Aren’t those boys cute in those Khula Gavito’s tailored Suits? 😨😨😜😍😎🙊 share or like if u agree. #shoot #suits #weddingstyler #tailoredsuits #diaryofastylist #fashionStylist  

Tailored Suits

Khula Gavito Classic tailored Suits Crafted to fit. #tailormadesuit #branded #men #groom #navybluesuits  

The Groom and Groomsmen

The Groom and Groomsmen all feeling good because they look good, with Khula Gavito’s Enthusiast Page tailored Suits/Jackets. 👓👞👕👖✂📐📍 #tailoredsuit #whenyoulookgoodyoufeelgood #photography #thegroom #groomens

Many thoughts swirling

There will be many thoughts swirling around your addled brain during this highly important phase of your life. “Wedding Day”. This is a list of a few of them: ° This is the day.. am I ready. . ° I hope I don’t cry during the ceremony. ° Do I look the part.. This part […]

1 day left

1 day left .. then Ke Party ya Khula Gavito Classic 22 April 2017… To Celebrate my Bornday choose any picture you like of my #ootd “outfit of the day” and set it as your profile picture 😉. But please ask papa wa ko ntlung 1st lol don’t want to be 💪💪. 😂 #whenakingwasborn Khula […]

I am different

I am special in my own way I am a born again I am Khula Gavito The rest you will find it out only if you read Galatians 2:20.. It speaks of me. #godsent #brandlevels#tailoredsuits #diaryofastylist #fashionStylist #photoshoot Photography by Basetsana Vale Maluleka.