Tailored Suits vs. Normal Suits

Suit is a noun, which is a set of clothing that cover most of your body and is usually intended to wear together. More or less an armor presentable attire, consisting of trousers, a jacket and sometimes a vest included, two sets of clothing with the same material/ fabric and colour.

Tailored Suit, it is a noun as well. It is a set of clothing usually consisting of the same fabric and colour. Garments that are specifically designed and made to be of a perfect fit for a certain body, rather than having it all lose where not necessary.

Difference between tailored suit and a normal suit:

A normal suit is a bit and less worked and tampered with.
A tailored suit is more to be worked on with more details.
A normal suit is normally a regular fit.
A tailored suit is normally the perfect fit.
A normal suit is already in the outlet and is ready to be picked and paid for.
A tailored suit needs to be made by a tailor, one on one meetings need to take place, (not just a tailor, but a good tailor).

Advantages of suits:

A tailored suit has personal touches, as tailored means; being made. (It is what an individual wants exactly).
Measurements are taken, from shoulder, chest, overarm, waist, hip, till toe.
A suit is a sign of simplicity but yet formality.
A tailored suit, would be a unique piece of garments put together, whereas it will no look like any other.
A tailored suits consists of different styles and materials, but yet made for one.

Disadvantages of suits:

Tailor suits’ material and fabric would be quite expensive.
A normal suit would not fit so perfectly, consisting of loose and baggy points.
Suits can be discomforting, for individuals who are not use to formality attire.
Suits can cause dehydration to individuals who are not properly dehydrated. (For sauna suits)

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