Durban July 2017, was lit.

The theme was “Magic Colours” now as a fashion stylist you need to go according to the dress code nor theme… of the day, that way an impact and uniqueness will be at your favor.

used to dressing other clients for such events, one thing they always appreciated when they came back was that ” they did not look lost…. 🙂 what a lot of people do not understand is that……. the same way you can bake a cake but on your wedding day nor special day, you want things to be so perfect that you even pay for specialist to bake for you.. you also need a fashion stylist for clothes too.

here am i Khula Gavito wearing my own unique design with BiG fASHION GURUS but not even one came close lol lol lol …..

Image consultant

Fashion Stylist

Tailored Suits…. ……

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  • Thabo Moatshe

    You have redefined fashion in the current state of affairs in Mamelodi & around Gauteng. These events are a platform for you to reach clients outside our province.
    Go for it and continue living the dream of growth

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